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Dead End(?)

Have you felt that a problem is too impossible for you to handle? Or that you felt the need of a miracle to solve it? Going by the world standard, people said that there's nothing impossible in this world. Or, going by the Alchemist' quote,  
“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”Somehow or the other I only believe half of what this quote says. The first time I encounter a 'stall' condition in my life where I couldn't go backward or forward were when my father was sick. Right now there are two. 

The first is about my mother. She has a kind of psychological problem where she thinks all men are trying to marry her. Weird, I know. She got scared over strangers that didn't give a damn about her, thinking they used underhanded supernatural means(santet, in Indonesian) to try to make her fell in love with them. She had tried everything from 'religious' ritual to weird things. 'Religious' because she pray…

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