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Focus on What Truly Matters

Hundreds or maybe thousands of beautiful flowers and hanging crystals that sparkled as if it was straight out of a fairytail book. In the center of it, stood two people that looked like a prince and a princess waving to the audience. The princess was so beautiful with her tiara it looked surreal. All of these things, are unfortunately, labeled in social media under 'dream wedding' and 'wedding inspiration' tag. This was also how me and most of my friends pictured how our wedding should look like. But not until I prepared it myself.
Somewhere along the way, I realized that beautiful things (especially weddings related) are costly. However, who wouldn't want their weddings to look gorgeous? I could spend all my savings from my 2 years of hardwork for my dream wedding. To look back proudly in my wedding photo. To fill my instagram with beautiful romantic photos. I know I could.
I tried to question Him many times. Why did other people can afford their dream wedding? Wh…

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