Soli Deo Gloria

Finally, I graduated!
Not yet legal though, without the robe and hat. At least I could say goodbye to my final assignment. I wanted to use this blog to keep track my final assignment. But it failed LOL.
Nevertheless, this is how my final assignment came to be:
All my years as a student, I never gave anything in my studies as an offering to God. It's funny right? Not to tell I have been a Christian all my life. So to give it as an offering, all the way I had to let Him do what He wanted in my final assignment.

At first, I was a bit terrified because illustration thingy is not my virtue. If someone asked, "Hey, you study design right? Then you must be good at drawing!." My response was,"Errr no, I can't draw." However, there is nothing impossible for Him and even now I always think He wants to make me ashamed of myself for doubting my potential that was given from Him.
I was amazed at how well I did the illustration. No, I am amazed even now. Is this even my work?
To be honest, I was also doubtful about the lecturer that was in charge to guide me. Because this lecturer was not that well known and I hadn't heard of his name before. But my friend, Feli, told me that there must be God's plan for me. Guess what? He rarely taught in uni but students under his guidance were successful. God is indeed the wisest LOL. I am ashamed again in front of Him. Later, it turned out that the well-known one's guidance was not as my friends hoped for.

Somehow, if you entrust everything to God it will turn out far from our expectation. Far better, I mean. Though the road might get rocky sometimes, the end is always the best.
It was not easy for me to get an A during my studies, however this time it was like no worries at all to think about my grade.

Here's some photo. Credit to Visien Vinesa.
 Look at those colorful illustration. It never crossed my mind to be able to make something like this

Thus, at the end I can say: Soli Deo Gloria! All the glory belongs to God


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