Looking Back

It has been for more than a year since I stopped blogging. It was not because I didn't have anything to write. On the contrary, it was because too many ideas to write and finally I just decided not to write anything. So, why do I start blogging again now? I'll explain it maybe in the next post.

Maybe one day, I'll look back to what I've been through and be grateful, or even laugh about it.

It was my thought when I first started blogging. At the beginning of the year, there was some ordeal that lead me to this thought again. After I was rejuvenated spiritually in a retreat, suddenly taaa-daahh here came the test.

I was supposed to catch my flight in Surabaya after the retreat in Malang. Usually, it only took 2 hours. However, the travel car that I had booked way before stated that my name was not on the list of passenger. At that time, I still stayed calm. My friends and I joined a group who was also going to Surabaya an hour later. They kindly offered to take us to the airport, though it was not on their way. Thank God, He never leave us alone.

But, two hours later, I realized I would not make it in time for the flight. I was quite panicked inside and pray. I asked my friends if they wanted to book the last flight, and they were okay. There was this thought that maybe some kind of miracle would happen, but we cannot comprehend God's way. So I thought repeatedly to myself to surrender to His will. It was not easy, of course. And I was the eldest in the group, if I started to break down, it would not help them. That day, we also missed the last flight. It took 6 hours because of heavy traffic.

Really worn out from everything, even have to stay overnight at the airport, I asked God why did this have to happen. Then, I prayed that one day when we reminisced about this, we will laugh and said 'thanks God!' Of course there's much more to this story. About how there was a brother in Christ who helped us the day before took us to church from the airport. Even treated us to lunch and tour the Surabaya city. God really never leave us alone.

Now, I realize how everyday routine is really a thing to be grateful for. At least I'm home. Even when finishing this writing, Jakarta was bombed by irresponsible people and full of terror. Somehow that thought popped up again. "I'll look back to what I've been through and be grateful"


  1. welcome back to this 'world', Icel :D. a good post to start again. Memang kadang yang terjadi ga kayak yang kita pikirin ya, tapi pasti yang terbaik... dan sering penuh kejutan. someday we will say Thanks to God when we remember this day :D. stay safe, btw :)

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