Taking a Big Leap

Have you ever heard of comfort zone? It's not a place where everything is comfortable and cozy, but where you got used to it and make you too lazy to step outside.There will be some big changes in my life. I felt like I was asked to step out of my comfort zone. It scared me a bit and left me with some 'what if's questions.

I was about to resign from my current workplace. Of course, it was not the best workplace in the world. But it was filled with happy people and you can do pretty much anything in the office as long as your job is done. The next place I'm going is....guess what? The church!
Some of you may think this is the best place ever. With kind brothers and sisters in Christ working together in harmony. Nuh uh, it's the opposite. Church has always been a 'hospital' for Christians. You can meet all kind of people there. I struggled for half year to finally decide. There were many reasons as to why I decided it. What made me a bit scared is those 'what if' questions.
What if I'm judged by ignorant people on how I work?
What if I can't control my temper facing those people?
What if I can't sing in the choir anymore because I have to work on Sunday?

When those questions surfaced, I immediately prayed. To cast all my worries to Him, to surrender to His plan. I knew the road before me will not be easy. However, I also knew His plan to mold me into a better person, to be more like Him. And as He had led me before when I struggled in my current workplace, I believe He will lead me too.
Of course, there are still some worries. But as I read the bible, especially the psalms, it was also full of worries, fear, and doubt from His children. But for every verse of worrying, there will also be a verse to lean on Him. And it's beautiful.

I'm going to take this big leap with faith and see what He has for me.


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