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It has been a month since New Year. How's your resolution?
Here's mine, I have this little 'baby'. It's an online shop of that sold the digital copy of my design so people could print it however they like, as much as they want. This concept may be a bit odd in Indonesia, but it's quite common abroad. These ready-to-print file is called printable.
My New Year resolution is to update this shop's listing at least once a week. Well, it has been around 6 weeks and sometimes I was able to update it and sometimes I didn't. But, I love what I do here, so let me introduce my baby. Think of it as a promotion.

My shop name is Degrata. Sounds familiar? Because it's derived from Dei Gratia, meaning God's Grace. To be honest sometimes this name did a great job in reminding me. Have I lived filled with His grace?
Degrata has this faith section that consists of artwork from my personal spiritual journey. 
For instance, 'The Lord Bless You and Keep You' printable. Although it's from a bible verse, it's also from a song that replayed constantly in the back of my mind. I hope with what I do, I can be a blessing through Degrata. 

Well, I had only one sale but I remembered that I had to give a tenth offering. The problem is, where to? Do you have any idea of a ministry that accept donation via paypal? Please let me know.


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