Dead End(?)

Have you felt that a problem is too impossible for you to handle? Or that you felt the need of a miracle to solve it? Going by the world standard, people said that there's nothing impossible in this world. Or, going by the Alchemist' quote,  
“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
Somehow or the other I only believe half of what this quote says. The first time I encounter a 'stall' condition in my life where I couldn't go backward or forward were when my father was sick. Right now there are two. 

The first is about my mother. She has a kind of psychological problem where she thinks all men are trying to marry her. Weird, I know. She got scared over strangers that didn't give a damn about her, thinking they used underhanded supernatural means(santet, in Indonesian) to try to make her fell in love with them. She had tried everything from 'religious' ritual to weird things. 'Religious' because she prayed and whatever but still didn't let God changed her mind and spirit. My mother even compared God over some supernatural-gifted human, saying that  she'll choose whichever is better, like choosing a doctor. Mind you, nothing ever, EVER, change her mind. As her family, me and my brother had advised her tirelessly, only to get shouted that we understood nothing. This was why I thought she had psychological issues. But, even if we told her that, she wouldn't accept it. Hence, the 'stall' condition. 

The second one is something regarding my marriage. Yes, I got married, maybe I'll update about it later. This problem is not that crucial (or maybe it is), but it's not something I could solve alone or together. Both of my problem needs God's intervention. My only consolation is praying, knowing He heard all my prayers.

The Alchemist quote is beautiful. However, I believe something happen when we do our part 100% and more than that is God's domain. But, even when we reach dead end, something will only happen when God answers. Writing this blog reminded me of a verse
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
'For the good' here does not mean it's good according to us, maybe against our will. But certainly good and beautiful according to His will. Reading this verse somehow made me more at ease than the Alchemist's quote. Because He who holds the universe is at work when we can't see Him. I thank the Holy Spirit for reminding me this verse. One day, I hope to look back at my 'stall' and said God is indeed good.  


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