When it bore fruits..

Who in the world does not want to see the fruit of his/her own labor? When you tried so hard you just can't see the results of it, you would want to quit or give up. But God teaches us otherwise. We may be the ones who plant and water it everyday. Only it's up to God if it grows or not. He wants us to take care of His field. I knew this deep down in my heart, but sometimes I got tired. Sometimes I just sighed in my prayer and said "God, I wonder if what I did was useless." And then, as always without fail, this bible verse that I couldn't remember where it is came from pops up in my head.

"Nothing you do in the service of God is ever useless"

That verse always strengthens me. But secretly, I hoped that whatever I plant may have bore fruits, even without me knowing it. And God heard my prayer.
I'm responsible on a ministry. Unlike worship ministry who always has the chance to experience God through music, we are always behind a computer screen, concentrating on what we do rather than the church service. I have this longing to make them to experience God through what they do, even if it's behind the computer screen. After a year has passed, I didn't even know if what I did was useful for them, even just a little bit. 
Well, my junior from this ministry suddenly asked my opinion on his struggle. He wondered if what he did as a service for the Lord had blessed others, because he couldn't see the results of it. He said he wanted to be like the those who inspired and be a blessing to him. And suddenly he mentioned that one of those people was me! There's this indescribable joy inside of me. Because even if it's just one person, God made my work bore fruits in places I hadn't seen! That motivated me once again to do my best. And thank God, for His words is true, it was really never useless. Maybe in the future I'll get tired again and again while serving the Lord. But I will always remember that day, the day God said to me that my work bore fruits. I hoped this post will strengthen you too who is working for the same land owner.


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