Final Battle of My Study

Here I am, doing the final assignment as the 'last boss' in my study. I'm really excited to graduate soon, but at the same time, kind of sad because it will be the end of my student status. After deliberating, it's best to keep track of my final assignment progress here as a remembrance.

This is the third week of the 8th semester, and two weeks before the first..ermm..assessment? The first assessment is about how good the concept is. One of the challenge here is to communicate with children, as they are my audiences for this project. Yes, I am bad with kids! LOL
Nevertheless, creating a visual communication for kids is indeed fun, it's full of bright colors. Yesterday, we tried a simulation of concept presentation and I think I did quite well. The lecturer asked me to add more character to my concept, though. Which I think it's a very good suggestion.

So, while figuring out how to question the children the day after tomorrow, I had to do a little reflection. Looking back, it's funny how graphic design was not my first choice. Or maybe never in my childhood I dreamed of being a designer. But God led me here. And even though I was not as passionate as my classmates were, He still gave me very good grades. To be honest it still puzzled me until now how I could get that kind of grades.
So this final assignment I give it for the greater glory of God. From Him and to Him forever be the glory :)


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